About Us

Farnash Creek Ranch (FCR) is a 1,225 acre ranch in the Northern Texas Hill Country. Farnash Creek runs through the back side of the property hence the name. We raise beef cattle in addition to wildlife management for the purpose of primarily whitetail deer hunting. We also have turkey hunting, dove hunting and more hog hunting than we can keep up with currently.

I am Chasity and write about our days here on the ranch. I have an extensive garden and love talking about gardening. I love sharing my harvest with family and friends. I love talking about plants, pests, problems, success and fails. I love sharing pictures of my gardens. I love discussing harvest and food preservation techniques. I could talk all day about gardens– vegetable gardens, rose gardens, herb gardens, perennial gardens, potager gardens but I digress. To the point, gardening is a large part of my days here on the ranch.

I will share and chronicle our days here on the ranch as our beef cattle operation and hunting systems expand and progress. I will showcase our gardens and our journey to becoming more dependent on what we can grow versus what we can buy at the store. There is something so rewarding to me about growing your own food in the garden or in the pasture. Growing and sharing food with family and friends is how I show love.

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