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Farnash Creek Ranch is a 1,225 acre ranch in the Northern Texas Hill Country. I am Chasity and my husband is Bryon. We raise cattle, dogs, chickens, cats, one guinea (that’s all we can handle), a garden, horses and children (or we did.)

We have seven children between us that are all grown or still growing a little (are they ever really grown?) We currently have seven grandchildren. We love having them out at the ranch!

Our hobbies include gardening, riding horses, refurbishing furniture, hunting, spending time with family. Bryon specifically enjoys team roping, running the bulldozer, running the tractor, building fences (my least favorite but most rewarding- I think), and researching the latest and greatest implements. I enjoy event planning, organizing (mainly his tools), music, laughter & comedy (specifically puns), practical jokes, dirty jokes, and sunsets with a cocktail!

We have each been known to be a bit of a work-a-holic in the past and we have decided to move our lives in a slower direction. We are so in love with this ranch and work hard to try to live life in the slow lane. Often times, we all get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle that we miss out on the sweet slow moments in life. We are working hard, through trial and error, to grow our cattle operation and enjoy the little moments. We want to share our journey with ya’ll!

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